Gold ETF’s and crappy sucker funds – JNUG

Okay, GLD is a legitimerized, but secretly bogus, way to hold gold. Obviously, as shown in Gold Wars, GLD is an empty vault – not totally, but it’s more about the ‘flow’ than the stow. But there are worse games afoot – more obvious ones. Take JNUG. JNUG is a 3X directional gold etf, leveraging […]

Gold Wars e-Store

I wanted to direct people to the Gold Wars Store, onsite here. You can buy my books (and similar books) and other items related to Gold and Silver. It would be great if you bought my books from the store, because I actually get a better percentage from there. Link to this post!

China and the Gold Imperative

Gold Wars was first published in late 2013. Many new things have happened since then and some of the trends have changed, even if temporarily. This update and the closing addendum are to help catch up on the recent major trends in the topics covered. It also covers aspects particular to China for this Chinese […]

China Preface

The Chinese edition of Gold Wars is coming out in a few months. I wrote an extensive update to the edition, which is published here as a series of posts. I am excited and delighted at this Chinese edition of Gold Wars. It is wonderful to share this essential, but little known and poorly understood […]

Invested to be Molested

My new ebook is out – Invested to be Molested: Why you should Fire your Financial Adviser Now!. Or, for other ereaders, here. Is your money set to ‘vaporize’? Gold Wars Store Is your Adviser preparing for (even aware of) the next crisis? Or does he think everything is fixed? How prepared are you? Is […]

Latest Smackdown

Okay – I admit it. I got burned in the latest multi-month smackdown. I believed the hype – sort of. I went long when silver got down to $17.50 and gold was grinding along at $1200. I did it about 5 months back and it paid off nicely when PM’s got a good bounce. SLW […]

Leverage the current smackdown

Now most of us like going long gold and silver, even though we know they’re gonna shove it back underwater. We don’t go short because we don’t want to get hit if it goes up and we all think, well, someday it’s going up to not go back down. For those naysayers, well – gold […]

Translations of Gold Wars

Awesome news. My publisher has recently informed me that a Chinese language edition is under contract. This complements the German edition and the (not confirmed) Russian language edition. Link to this post!

Gold Spread

  Gold Spread   Keith Weiner of the Gold Standard Institute thinks that the paper and electronic dollars will develop a s pread. As the dollar loses its global reserve status, the number of digital dollars will be seen to ove rwhelm the paper. Merchants will accept electronic transactions with an extra tag for the […]

JP Morgan Gold Wars

Worried about the global financial crisis? Protect your wealth from the gold wars – wealth crisis investing for those paying attention.     JP Morgan reverses course in the gold wars In the gold wars, one bank towers over the rest for its massive intransigence. JP Morgan, the dirtiest of the dirty, the deeply […]

Petrodollar decline

  You shall not pass – Petrodollar Broken bridge   Iranian talks in Geneva had a hidden agenda – the US masters were beaten at their long-time game. They gave in and Iran can continue its nuclear enrichment program. There seems precious little evidence that Iran is looking for weapons in any event. The main […]

silver shortage silver price

silver shortage The global supply chain is almost out – the silver shortage is a war drum beating against the banksters. China sucked in a boatload and more – so it appears. The melters in little Switzerland are taking longer and longer to turn impure Ag into refined, trade-worthy silver. The current price of silver […]

China plays out the Gold Wars

Debt Crisis was called out by Xinhua,  China’s state news, wrote about a “de-Americanised world”calling for a replacement to the FRN’s as the reserve money. The piece was scathing in its condemnation, lacking the usual restraint of Chinese politics. They want a “super-sovereign reserve currency” in light of the deplorable US government fiscal concerns and […]

Dollar Decline, Part I

Are you worried about the global financial crisis? Protect your wealth from the gold wars – wealth     Hyperinflation Jim Willie’s latest report is out and, as usual, it’s uncompromising. I hope he’s right about the pending demise of the Western Cartel – in my opinion, they are dragging down humanity in innumerable […]

Economic Collapse

  Hat tip to Pawel Kuczynski for the great panel. Banksters getting fat off corruption, triggering hyperinflation and conducting their gold wars to harm the rest of us. As they conduct silver suppression, hammering the  current silver price and distorting the true value of silver, they create a massive silver shortage by the pig tactics. […]

India gold price suppression

India is restricting its citizens ability to buy gold. The Indian gold wars have been going on for over a year. It’s only driven up demand. Buying is strong. Perhaps there would be more buying if restrictions were lifted – it’s impossible to tell. At any rate, people are buying at the equivalent of $1600/ounce […]